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  • Raymond Moriyama and His Cathedral -by Kathy Jia-Jones
    Renowned Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama, whose visionary designs have left an indelible mark on our nation and the world, passed away at the age of 93. In his 8 decades of career he and his firm designed many  iconic buildings in and outside of Canada: the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa’s City Hall, the Bata Shoe Museum, ...
  • Congratulations to Olivia Chow – Toronto’s Newly Elected Mayor!
    Congratulations to Olivia Chow – Toronto’s Newly Elected Mayor! Olivia Chow’s historic win not only makes her the first mayor of Chinese descent but also the first mayor of colour in Toronto’s history. It sends a resounding message that individuals from visual minority backgrounds can rise to leadership positions and make a profound impact.
  • Tiger and Tigress
    This article is about the Year of the Tiger and Kathy Jia’s beloved Grandma, her guardian tigress.
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day during COVID is different yet worthwhile. It brings back the fond memories of our family trip to Britain and Ireland, as well as the not-so-distant fun events.
  • Chien-Shiung Wu, Female Chinese American Honoured in US Stamp
    Chien-Shiung Wu吴健雄, female Chinese American and one of the top nuclear physicists of the 20thth century, is honoured in US Stamp.
  • Thanks Grandma
    Thanks Grandma, a touching and personal story about Kathy Jia-Jones role model and a part of the history in China that is not well known to the West
  • Thanks Raptors
    Raptors’ win unites Canada and Canadians, and adds pride to Kathy’s 30th anniversay of living in Canada.
  • Building Cross-Cultural Competence – Key Points
    Building Cross-Cultural Competence by Kathy Jia-Jones was originally published in Financial Post, Executive HR on July 28, 2010. This is an updated and shortened version.
  • Ten Tips to Help Internationally Trained Professionals (ITP) Improve Public Speaking Skills
    With their talents, abilities and unique perspectives, internationally educated professionals (IEPs) are making significant contributions to our multicultural workplace.
  • Chinese Business Culture and Etiquette
    Understanding Chinese business culture and etiquette, China ready, how to do business with the Chinese, how to succeed in the Chinese market.
  • 奇缘北大荒,悠悠龙江情–祝贺父母结婚60周年
  • 二十四年后和家人过年 Family Reunion over Chinese New Year
    二十四年前我来到加拿大。那时刚刚过了春节。转眼二十多年过去了,虽然回去了 多次,但都不在春节,要不是工作忙,就是孩子上学,总是时间不对。这期间亲爱 的祖母也在二000年初二离开了我们。今年我决定自己回深圳和年迈的父母及弟 弟一家过春节。
  • 你能讲好
    Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones(贾科一) 在加拿大创业,不但要干好,还要讲好, 这是贾科一多年在加奋斗得出的经 验之一。中国人能干,能创新,但吃了”不爱讲” 和”讲不好”的亏。不少人是公司里 的业务骨干,但由于”讲得不好”不被提拔当领导。演讲能力在很大成度上体现领导 能力;而如果不敢讲或讲不好,就容易被忽视。 怕演讲是正常的。有笑话讲,宁可躺在棺材里,也不愿至悼词。不但英语是 第二,三语的移民怕,不少英语是母语的加拿大人也同样怕。Kathy 在给大公司陪 训时见过不少这样的例子。有位在加拿大生长的经理因为在大学班上发言时爱红脸 被同学嘲笑,以后再也不愿在熟人面前演讲。中国人多数是怕说不好英语被人笑话。 怎样克服畏惧心理,提高演讲能力?提出以下几点供大家参考。 1。首先要”敢” 说。卸掉心理包袱。多说,和不同的人说,在不同的场合练习。 2。演讲时,把注意力集中在演讲内容上,而不是你自己身上,或担心别人会怎么 想。 3。学习英语商业语言及标达方法。 4。开始时不要把自己和别人比,要看到自己的成绩和进步,然后向新的目标迈进。 5。在做主要发言前,准备,准备,再准备。不光是内容上的准备,还要做语言上 , 如用词,语音,语流,肢体语言上的练习和准备。必要时可请有经验,懂得中外 语言区别的演讲培训人员加以指导。 Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones (贾科一)M.A.,曾在中国和加拿大大学任教,主教商务英语 “Business Communication”, 和 “交叉文化间有效沟通” Cross-Cultural Communication。 是 “多文化间有效沟通和解决冲突” 的作者. (加拿大尼尔森教育有限公司 2012 出 版 (Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving, published by Nelson Education Ltd, 2012). 她 曾任加拿大国家广播公司 the CBC 记者, 多次在国际演讲比赛中获奖。2012年她荣获国际演讲协会(Toastmaster International) 杰出演讲者 DTM 称号。
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