Cross-Cultural Biz specializes in cross-cultural business solutions. We provide cross-cultural training, consulting, keynote addresses, language lessons, and translation services to help people manage cultural differences, communicate effectively, solve cross-cultural business issues, and achieve desired outcomes. We are dedicated to preparing you to work with confidence and competence in a foreign or multicultural environment.  Our cross-cultural training specialists and consultants will provide you with custom-tailored seminars and consultations in the following categories.

  • International Business Solutions
  • Asian Marketplace Programs
  • China in Focus
  • Cross-Cultural Communication, Marketing, and Selling in Competitive Multicultural Markets 
  • International Social and Business Etiquettes 
  • Hospitality and Tourism 
  • HR Multicultural Workplace Solutions
  • Immigrants Integration Programs 
  • Public Speaking & Sales Presentation
  • GPS–Graceful Leadership, Public Speaking, and Social Skills Programs for Youth
  • International Relocation Preparation

Our Approach:

We Strive For:

  • Excellence in our services by presenting up-to-date, balanced, and unbiased information to our clients
  • Best strategies and solutions by considering all relevant factors when helping to solve complex business or workplace issues
  • A character-based company with integrity

We promote cross-cultural learning.

“Success depends upon preparation, without such preparation there is sure to be a failure”. Confucius 

Cross-Cultural Biz training for Women in Capital Markets

Cross-Cultural Training for Women in Capital Markets

Why Cross-Cultural Competence Is Important

In today’s highly competitive global and multicultural marketplace, it is crucial for individuals as well as international and multicultural organizations to develop cross-cultural competency. 

For multicultural companies, cross-cultural competence is essential for both employers and employees. How to successfully lead a multicultural organization in today’s global market? How to manage staff from different cultures with different values and different ways of doing things? How to effectively work with your multicultural clients, market your products and services and increase sales in a multicultural marketplace? These are just some of the challenges.

For international companies, research shows that often companies successful in their home countries have failed in foreign markets not because of technical incompetence but because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of foreign market culture. The lack of sensitivity to different ways of thinking and the inability to adapt to different ways of doing business are considered to be the primary causes of communication breakdown, missed opportunities, and business failure. People spend thousands of dollars on travel and hotels, but a small misstep can cost you the chance of success.

At Cross-Cultural Biz, our training and consulting will help you achieve desired outcomes and take your business to a new level.

Please contact us to discuss how we may help you or your organization. Your small investment will prove to be beneficial.

Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones, M.A., OCT, DTM, Founder and President of Cross-Cultural Biz

贾科一 Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones

Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones

Author of Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving (published by Nelson Education Canada in 2012), Ms. Jia-Jones is considered a pioneer in the field of cross-cultural business studies in Canada. She was born and raised in China and has worked internationally in the past 30 years in a variety of fields including international business, teaching, executive training (for Asian Business Management, York University; Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto; Seneca College, Jiamusi University, China), and journalism (for CBC NewsWorld International and Radio Canada International–bilingual reporter using English and Standard Chinese). In the past twenty years, as a cross-cultural business specialist, she has trained and advised multinational and multicultural companies and government organizations on cross-cultural business issues. She is on the roster of experts of the Human Resources Professionals Association.

Ms. Jia-Jones has been featured on CBC radio (“Business Tips for a Multicultural Canada”), Rogers TV (on CCB’s “Cross-Cultural Biz Training Programs”, and a two-part series on “China Business  Preparation” and “Chinese Business Cultural and Etiquette”), OMNI TV, in the Financial Post (“Building Cross-Cultural Competence”), Lawyers Weekly (“The Nuances of Cross-Cultural Dealings”), the Post (“Workshop Fosters Respect Between Cultures”), Asian Wave, and others.  An award-winning international speaker and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), she has been invited as a keynote speaker for various events.

Ms. Jia-Jones obtained her M.A. from the University of Guelph, Canada, on scholarship; a B.A. (honours) and a Teacher’s Certificate from Qiqihar University, China; Ontario Teacher’s Certificate; a Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) Certificate in Cross-Cultural Training from the U.S.; and a Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant Certificate from The Protocol School of Washington. She a member of the esteemed Literary Translators’ Association of Canada/Association des traducteurs et traductrices littéraires du Canada.

Ms. Jia-Jones, a devoted mother, has raised two remarkable children in an intercultural family, and has embraced Canada as her home for the past 35 years.

If you…

  • Want to gain a competitive edge in an international or multicultural market
  • Want to work effectively with diverse clients, including Asian clients
  • Want to increase sales
  • Want to effectively market your products or services cross-culturally
  • Want to develop a winning strategy to achieve your cross-cultural leadership goals
  • Face unique challenges of managing global teams
  • Need effective HR solutions for managing a multicultural workplace
  • Have difficulties navigating the maze of an Asian market
  • Want to prevent grievances arising from lack of cultural sensitivity
  • Do not want to make a faux pas that could kill a deal
  • Want to become culture savvy and outshine the competition
  • Need to develop your global presentation skills

Please contact us to discuss the best solution for you.


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• Effective Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership Strategies
• Managing a Multicultural Workplace to Success
• Selling in Competitive Multicultural Markets
• Essentials of International Business Etiquette
• Understanding Asian Business Culture and Etiquette
• Train the Trainers
• Public Speaking for Internationally Educated Professionals

They Can Be Offered Onsite or Online.
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Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving, published by Nelson Education Ltd.

Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving, published by Nelson Education Ltd.

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