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We can never separate business from arts and creativity. This page is dedicated to arts and creativity, which are valuable on their own.

Butterfies and Girls, Papercut artwork by Grandma Liu Xi-Rong

Butterflies and Girls, paper art by Grandma Liu Xi-Rong, made for Kathy Keyi when she was a child


stuffed cat made by grandma

stuffed cat made by Grandma Liu Xi-Rong


Rainbow over Shen Zhen - by ward winning photographer Jia Ying-Fu 贾英甫

Rainbow over Shen Zhen – by award-winning photographer Jia Ying-Fu 贾英甫


How Pretty, photo by Zhang Hai-Yun

“How Pretty”, photo by Zhang Hai-Yun


TOT's Condide

TOT’s Condide, photo from TOT’s websiteToronto Operetta Theatre

Toronto Operetta Theatre

Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones

Canada’s only professional operetta company, Toronto Operetta Theatre (TOT) was launched in 1985 and incorporated as a not-for-profit performing arts organization in 1989, the year I came to Canada from China.

Over the years, I have witnessed TOT’s growth while enjoying its wonderful productions.

It has expanded the European-centered repertoire to the present works of Latin America, the United States, Spain, and Canada. “MY FAIR LADY”, “Condide”, “MAMMA MIA”, “LEO, THE ROYAL CADET”, and “EARNEST, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING” are just some examples of light-hearted, humorous, and entertaining performances.

What is an operetta? You may ask. Originating in France, it soon gained popularity in Europe and the world. I am not an expert at defining it, but I guess you could describe operetta as “Music Comedy, Musicals, Opera Bouffe, Light Opera or Spanish Zarzuelas” (

However you define it, you may enjoy it as I have.”All in all, Offenbach, Strauss, and Bretón await your visit. They plan to entertain you like few other composers can.” This message from Guillermo Silva-Marin, the founder and continuing General Director of TOT, perhaps best vocalizes the essence of Operetta.

Now, after two and a half years of pandemic restrictions, you can enjoy the wonderful performances by top Canadian artists at St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.

For upcoming shows please go to







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