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Shen Zhen, 中國

Shen Zhen International Cultural Exhibition, China;photo by Jia, Ying Fu 贾 英甫

Over the past forty years, China has surged to become a world economic power. Having raised millions of Chinese from poverty, China is playing a key role in the world’s economy. What the Chinese people have achieved is nothing short of miraculous.

China is a huge market with tremendous opportunities. China’s middle-class population (among the 1.4 billion people) is estimated to exceed 600 million by 2022, nearly twice the size of the U.S. and 16 times the size of Canada. With rising spending power, they are looking overseas for higher quality goods, fresh foods, and travel experiences (Gateway ’17; Tom Brennan, Alizila).

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China

Despite the great economic change, the fundamentals of culture and the ways in which Chinese conduct business remain essentially the same. The biggest challenge that Western companies face is gaining familiarity with Chinese business culture. Research shows that a lack of understanding of Chinese market culture and the inability to adapt to different ways of doing business are the main reasons for missed opportunities and business failures.

If You:

-Have difficulties navigating the maze of the Chinese market
-Experience cultural clashes and don’t know what to do

-Don’t want to make a faux pas at your next business meeting
-Want to equip yourself with the understanding of Chinese business culture for long term benefits
-Want to establish your market faster in China

We can help you. 


At Cross-Cultural Biz, we are dedicated to preparing you to work with confidence and competence in a foreign environment. We offer China business training, consulting, Mandarin lessons and translation services to help you manage cultural differences, communicate effectively, improve efficiency, and accomplish your objectives.

Our cross-cultural training and consulting include the following topics:

  • China Preparation Program
  • Essential Chinese Business Culture, Etiquette, and Common Expressions
  • Developing Cross-Cultural Competencies
  • Leading Global Teams to Success
  • Effectively Managing a Multicultural Workplace-for Managers and Supervisors
  • Increasing Sales in Competitive Multicultural Markets
  • Effective Cross-Cultural Negotiation–the Art of Tact and Diplomacy
  • All About Cultural “Nuances” –“Little” Things That Kill the Relationship and the Deal
  • Culture Savvy Marketing
  • Expatriate Relocation Workshops

These seminars are half-day to two-day in duration. They can be taken separately or in combination for maximum value.

See what our happy clients say–Testimonials

          Ms. Jia-Jones, founder of Cross Cultural Biz on Rogers TV
Rogers TV Interview of Ms. Jia-Jones about Chinese culture, business etiquette, and CCB’s China Business Preparation Program
Courtesy of Rogers TV Daytime


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Kathy Jia-Jones giving Chinese New Year Reception Speech on the New Year’s Day (Feb. 16th 2018) for the joint event organized by the Richmond Hill Board of Trade and Confucius Institute at Seneca College; photo by Tiziana Knox; the treasured artworks were made by her grandma刘喜荣 Liu, Xi Rong  for her 4o years ago。

The Main Benefits for Cross-Cultural Training Include:

  • Improve verbal and nonverbal communication skills and reduce  instances of miscommunication
  • Increase productivity and sales
  • Understand multicultural and international markets
  • Be more effective in your cross-cultural marketing
  • Effectively manage cross-cultural differences and resolve conflicts
  • Become more confident and competent in a multicultural environment
  • Add a competitive edge to your products or service   

It takes days to overcome jet-lag; it takes years to overcome cultural jet-lag. Cross-Cultural Biz can make a difference in your international business. 

We take a practical and interactive approach. Our focus is on effectiveness. Our dynamic and insightful cross-cultural training specialists will provide you with customer tailored seminars.

People spend thousands of dollars on travel and hotels, but a small misstep can cost you a valuable business opportunity. Your small investment in our training can help you realize your goals.

Let us assess your specific needs and design a customized solution to obtain the results you need.

 ”Success depends upon preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be a failure”.

”Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”.
Alexander Graham Bell

At Richmond Hill Multicultural Fashion Show; talents Kalli, Kathy, and Kyle

Chinese Culture & Etiquette Quiz

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Playing Chess, Photo by Jia, YingFu

Playing Chess, Photo by Jia, YingFu

"Playing Chess 下棋” by award winning photographer Jia, Ying Fu, 賈英甫, ©Jia, Ying Fu, 賈英甫; courtesy of Mr. Jia

Media Snippets

Kathy Jia-Jones in a 2010 Interview with Rogers Television

Ms. Jia-Jones interview with Rogers TV on Effective Cross-Cultural Communication, Marketing, and Selling, courtesy of Rogers TV Daytime

Cross-Cultural Biz in Hanover Post

Cross-cultural training in Chelsey was featured in Hanover Post: "Workshop fosters respect between cultures"; article written and photo taken by Mary Golem

"Business Tips for a Multicultural Canada" --CBC Radio Canada International Interview   "The nuances of cross-cultural dealings" --Lawyers Weekly interview with Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones   For more see Media Page

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