Cross-Cultural Training and Consulting

Doing business in today’s global marketplace is more complex than ever. At Cross-Cultural Biz, our training and consulting expertise will help you find the best solutions for the challenges facing your business. We will help you take your business to a new level.

Our seminars are designed to prepare our clients with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to conduct business successfully in a foreign market or an intercultural business environment. We take a practical and interactive approach. Conducted by cross-cultural communication specialists, these seminars will help you gain confidence, communicate effectively with people from other cultures, manage differences, and increase productivity. The seminars, packed with practical information, insightful case studies, entertaining anecdotes, vivid visuals, and interactive activities, have been proven beneficial to the various participant groups who have enjoyed them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.54.43 AM Ms. Jia-Jones conducting a cross-cultural training session at the Toastmasters International Division 86 Conference; photo taken by Jale Fancey of Jale Fancey Photography

Ms. Jia-Jones speaking at the Toastmasters International Conference; photo taken by Jale Fancey of Jale Fancey Photography

Seminars at First Canadian Place Now Closed to Comply with Ontario’s COVID-19 State-Emergency 

Our Seminars are Offered Online 

They are half-day to two-day in duration and can be taken separately or in combination for maximum value.

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 Cross-Cultural Training Seminars

Post-COVID Cross-Cultural Business Preparation Programs

Cross-Cultural Competence Training

Leading Global Teams to Success

Cross-Cultural Training for Executives

Effectively Managing a Multicultural Workplace-for Managers and Supervisors

Cross-Cultural Training for Human Resources Staff

Cross-Cultural Marketing and Selling

Increasing Sales in Competitive Multicultural Markets

Culture Savvy Marketing

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Negotiation–the Art of Tact and Diplomacy

All About Cultural “Nuances” –“Little” Things That Kill the Relationship and the Deal

International Business Etiquette and Protocol

Public Speaking for Internationally Educated Professionals

Cross-Cultural Training for Educational Sector

Cross-Cultural Training of Trainers

Cross-Cultural Biz conducted Cross-Cultural Training at Scotiabank headquaters, Scotia Plaza, Toronto

Cross-Cultural Training at Scotiabank headquarters, Scotia Plaza, Toronto

International Business Solutions  (Conducted by Specialists from the Country–Contact Us)

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership for Toastmasters International, District 86 Conference TM conference workshop audience and me in centre. IMG_1725

“Effective Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership Workshop”, Toastmasters International, District 86 Conference

China and Asia Business Seminars and Programs

Understanding Cultural Differences

Understanding Asian Business Culture and Etiquettes

Essential Chinese Business Culture and Etiquette

International Hospitality Consulting–China Preparation Program

Communicating Effectively with Chinese and Asian Clients

Successful Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies

Successful Cross-Cultural Selling

Managing Complex Business Cultures in India

Doing Business in South Korea

Doing Business in Japan

Doing Business in Vietnam

Multicultural Business and Workplace

Effectively Managing a Multicultural Workplace-for Managers and Supervisors

Workplace Inclusive Training

Exploring Canadian Values and Attitude and Understanding Our Own Cultural Backgrounds

North American Communication Styles

How to Deal with Cultural Shocks and Cope with Acculturative Stress

Cultural Adjustment and Conflict Solving at the Workplace  

Effective Cross-Cultural Counselling for Immigrant Settlement Workers

Cross-Cultural Event in Chesley, Ontario; sponsord by McLean Lawyers; Kathy Jia-Jones a guest speak; Crosscultural Biz a partner

Cross-Cultural Event in Chesley, Ontario; sponsored by McLean Lawyers

North American Business

Doing Business in Canada

Successful Integration into Canadian Workplace

Public Speaking and Effective Presentation for Internationally Educated Professionals

Tourism and Hospitality

We provide one-stop cross-cultural business service: training, consulting, marketing–translation and voice over–language lessons, networking, and more!

Our Asia (including China) Preparation Program designed for tourism and hospitality is well received. See Tourism and Hospitality Page

Ms. Jia-Jones at Ritz-Carlton, Virginia, taking Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Training by the Protocol School of Washington; photo by Pamela Eyring

In The Ritz-Carlton, Virginia, photo by Pamela Eyring

Relocation Preparation and Expatriate Seminar

Training or consulting will be customized based on specific assignment and objectives

Youth and Parenting Programs

Graceful leadership, Public speaking, and Social Skills Development for Youth –G.P.S. for Youth

Proven Techniques for Improving Public Speaking Skills (for youth and adults)

Graceful Parenting Workshop Series

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success“. Alexander Graham Bell 

Our Happy Client’s Testimonials:

“With the training provided by Cross-Cultural Biz at the outset of the most recent training program, I was amazed at how much more confident our delegates were. The participants developed a cultural awareness, an ability to communicate effectively, and gained confidence in the academic settings that they were being trained in. It was marvelous to experience this turnaround so quickly. Definitely a key aspect to our future long term training programs!”

Maire O, Ph.D., former Director, Training Division, York University, Canada; current Co-Director, International Leadership and Management Institute, Florida Atlantic University 

“Along with my colleagues here at Scotia Bank, I was privileged to attend a training session on cross-cultural awareness facilitated by Kathy of Cross-Cultural Biz. The session was informative as it was exciting. Kathy shared her wealth of practical experience through life stories to help participants understand how cross cultural awareness impacts business across different jurisdictions. I particularly enjoyed her use of role-play and active Q&A strategies to engage participants making the session a true learning experience for everyone. Kathy is a true expert in this area.”
~J Emuan
Senior Manager, International Department, Scotiabank

More can be found on our Testimonials page.

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First Canadian Place Our Seminars Are Offered Onsite & Online.

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• Effective Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership Strategies
• Managing a Multicultural Workplace to Success
• Selling in Competitive Multicultural Markets
• Essentials of International Business Etiquette
• Understanding Asian Business Culture and Etiquette
• Train the Trainers
• Public Speaking for Internationally Educated Professionals

They Can Be Offered Onsite or Online.
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Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving, published by Nelson Education Ltd.

Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving, published by Nelson Education Ltd.

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