“With the training provided by Cross-Cultural Biz at the outset of the most recent training program, I was amazed at how much more confident our delegates were. The participants developed a cultural awareness, an ability to communicate effectively, and gained confidence. It was marvelous to experience this turnaround so quickly. Definitely a key aspect to our future long term training programs!
~M. O’Brien, Ph.D., then Director of Training, Asian Business and Management Program, York University

“Along with my colleagues here at Scotia Bank, I was privileged to attend a training session on cross-cultural awareness facilitated by Kathy of Cross-Cultural Biz. The session was informative as it was exciting. Kathy shared her wealth of practical experience through life stories to help participants understand how cross-cultural awareness impacts business across different jurisdictions. I particularly enjoyed her use of role-playing and active Q&A strategies to engage participants making the session a true learning experience for everyone. Kathy is a true expert in this area.”
~Joel E, Senior Manager, Scotia Bank 

Having many years of experience within this field, Ms. Jia-Jones (the speaker) proved to be an excellent resource in reference to the sensitive issues of diversity, multiculturalism, and subtle, yet often dangerous issues….Based on the feedback received from the participants, it was clear that her impact was swift, giving many “food for thought” as they left the one-day pilot seminar. (re Cross-Cultural Training pilot project)

~Major G.J, Canadian Forces


“Thanks for your exceptional presentation (Understanding Chinese Culture)! We have had many compliments….In short, everyone came away with something valuable and everyone was delighted with the workshop. The sharing of your knowledge and experiences will be a gift that will be treasured in this community for years”. (re cross-cultural event held in Chesley, Ontario) 

~Ross Mclean, McLean Lawyers

“Kathy is a warm knowledgeable individual who is professional and passionate about her work. I have known her for over four years and found her to be extremely dedicated to her commitments. I have known her as a senior fellow Toastmaster. She always remains sensitive and very aware of the diversities that we coexist amongst. Her presentations (often on TV!) are always fun, well organized and to the point. Her ability to adapt and accommodate needs of all, become a very powerful tool in her arsenal as a cross-communications expert.

I have no hesitation in recommending her for her fine character and absolute resolve in her field of expertise.”

– Shishir L,  former President, York Region Chapter Council of Heart and Stroke Foundation; recipient of Governor General of Canada Soveveign’s Medal Award

“Your Cross-Cultural Workshop was brilliant! The participants were intrigued. The information you provided covered a variety of topics on how to best understand the Chinese culture & to best prepare tourism businesses and products.
It was an informative and pleasant way to spend an afternoon. As she shared her stories with us, everyone found it easy to relate to Kathy and her approachable manner. Representatives from many facets of Centre Wellington were present, from retail, business, bed and breakfast to customer service, and Kathy delivered valuable information for all”.
~Deb D, Tourism & Destination Coordinator, Centre Wellington, Ontario

“Our area has become a destination spot. The information you have provided us with (on Cross-Cultural Competence, Understanding Chinese Culture, and Effective Communication) has already proven helpful in my interactions with our multicultural clients. You were very gracious when dealing with some difficult questions. You are doing great work”.
~V. Anderson, Cottage Rentals, Tobermory, Ontario

“We are very excited to take your session about Chinese culture awareness. It is a real eye-opener! The session is very helpful for working with tourists.  It was fun to learn these key Mandarin expressions, too!”
~D. González, Riu, Costa Rica

“Thank you for the seminar (on cultural awareness and market preparation). It was so helpful for our art festival. Thanks so much for the translation as well!”
~Barb L, Elora en Plein Air

“Great session! The three consultation sessions on effectively managing a multicultural workplace and how to build relations with new immigrant employees were extremely beneficial. I appreciate your insights as well as your thoughtful yet practical approach. Now I am confident and equipped with tools to resolve the cultural issues”.
~Mike C, Manager, Orange County Sanitation District, California, U.S.

 “Your Cross-cultural Selling workshop has been extremely helpful to all of our staff in understanding the changing dynamics of our client base. We have modified our selling process based on your presentation and it has proven to be most effective in the discovery and closing process, with our Asian clientele. The seminar was fantastic and extremely well received.”

~Sandra F, General Manager of Bassett Home Furnishings


“The Understanding of Chinese Business Culture and Effective Cross-Cultural Seminar for our staff exceeded my expectations. I am very satisfied!”

~Michael B, President, Markham Acura, Canada 

“Kathy has presented two sessions to our staff. The first was ‘Effective Cross-cultural Communication’, organized by Human Resources and was open to all staff. As a former professor who developed the Cross-Cultural Communication course for Seneca College, she is an expert in the field. Her information was up-to-date and balanced. She explained the difficult cultural concepts clearly, related to an audience of mixed cultures well, and took a thoughtful approach to complex workplace issues.

The excellent feedback for the first seminar leads to a one day ‘Train the Trainer Diversity Workshop” for the members of the TRCA Diversity Sub Committee. The seminar included comprehensive coverage of key diversity issues: cross-cultural competence, disabilities and disability accommodation, sexual orientation, environmental sensitivity, managing diversity. The seminar also included practice sessions for the committee members. Her performance, knowledge and resources have proven very beneficial to the TRCA”.
~Jyotsna D, Human Resources Associate,Toronto and Region Conservation Authority  

“The range of subject matter of this value-added workshop generated great interest and enthusiasm among the group. Participants found the delivery of the subject matter was engaging, interactive and informative. Kathy, you imparted new knowledge, new concepts and terminology to one and all. The workshop evoked much discussion around personal beliefs, values, behaviours, customs and cultural differences and gave us reason to pause to examine our own cultural competence”.
~Belita L, Immigrant Information Services, Welcome Centre, Markham 

“Kathy recently made a presentation on Cross-Cultural Marketing to the Bayview Branch Sales Team. The presentation was very well received and full of valuable advice for salespeople in a multi-ethnic city such as Toronto”
~Craig H, Manager, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. Brokerage, Toronto 

“Thanks again for your seminar on Building Cross-Cultural Competence at Scotiabank. You helped us all learn and even better, incited us to learn more about the subject that really unites us all”.
~Laura D, Scotiabank Intercultural Alliance 

I want to share with you the feedback from our members. They very much enjoyed your communication style—comments include good pace and very clear communication; the engagement in the presentation was very well received. The topic (“Effective Cross-Cultural Communication”) was very relevant to their work and interactions, and the format of the event was well executed. Our members found it very valuable. Look forward to working together again. ~Vlad B, Manager, the Bank of Nova Scotia

“Kathy has given both myself and my colleagues great insight into international etiquette. It is always a pleasure to listen to her speak as she really knows her field of expertise! Personable, knowledgeable and responsive, I will definitely work with her in the future!!
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative!”
~Catherine V, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. Brokerage, Toronto

“Our bank staff took Business Mandarin Course for 15 weeks. The instructor employed a practical teaching method including role-playing to enable our staff to pick up the new language easily. Her teaching materials were well prepared and well thought-out and were tailored to our business needs. The teacher was very patient in guiding the trainees although most of them could speak very little of the language. At the end of the training, they were able to communicate in the language with confidence…we are very pleased with the service.”
~Denise T, Manager, Human Resources, The Bank of East Asia, Canada

“When I was promoted to be the general manager in charge of the company’s two branches in China, I was excited and anxious. I didn’t know where to start. Cross-Cultural Biz prepared me. I can face this job with confidence now”.
~Mark J, General Manager of a leading IT service company based in Markham, Ontario  

“The training was very effective…. Kathy was professional, approachable and always well prepared. The course was designed based on the needs of the participants (many of whom were in the health care field), and we all found the lessons very beneficial”.
~Rose L, Public Healthy Department, Toronto 

Re: Online training “Effective Cross-Cultural Training for ESL Teachers”: “Thank you so much for your informative and interesting seminar!  Thank you for your insight into how important it is to understand the different cultural backgrounds of students in a classroom, and how this understanding can help reduce miscommunication not only with students but also between students. I loved hearing about your own experiences and how your company was founded because of your passion to teach cross cultural communication to help others. This passion was evident throughout your seminar.  It was great to hear your many fitting stories and current examples to illustrate each point of your presentation and to receive your positive feedback about the teaching experiences we shared. It was a pleasure working with you!  The time went by very quickly”!
~Edith G, Professor at Niagara College 

“(Re Year of the Dog Chinese New Year Key Note Address) Your talk was great! I loved all the personal stories, your grandmother’s art, the different sound the dog makes in Chinese and in English, and just your overall warmth.” 

~Tiziana K, Principal, Aptus Learning

“I found the training very useful in terms of acquainting me with key customs and practices of business in China, in addition to helping me better understand the nature of the challenges facing Westerners seeking to integrate into Chinese business culture”
~William H, Owner of a management consulting company based in Toronto 

“It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from you, Kathy. Your expertise in cultural differences is absolutely useful in market development. In particular, it bears importance to me in dealing with clients of varied cultural background. Thanks a million for your enlightenment!”
~Ray H, President, Immigration World Inc.

“The workshop on Cross-Cultural Selling was most informative. This is a critical area especially in a city such as Toronto where we are dealing with people from all over the world. It is an important part of our professional development. You have made us aware of the pitfalls if we are not aware of other peoples’ cultures and customs; an innocent misstep could be a deal-breaker”.
~Nellie B, Broker, Royal Le Page Real Estate Services Ltd. Brokerage, Toronto  

“I loved your presentation! The session helped us understand and manage cultural differences. The examples of miscommunications in multicultural settings are powerful. I highly recommend this training to our staff, especially the Stewardship Programs and Outreach groups”.
~Nicole S, Human Resources, Toronto Region Conservation Authority

“Sound, thoughtful information. Practical approach”.
~Antonietta P., Diversity Committee, Toronto Region Conservation Authority

” I was greatly impressed with Kathy’s breadth of knowledge (of Literary Chinese), sensibility and imaginativeness”.
~Dr. Theresa H, PhD, Professor at York University

“Excellent! I learned different ways in which we communicate in different cultures and the impacts of the differences on our international businesses.–insightful!”.
~Adrian N, Vice President of an engineering company based in Markham, Ontario 

“Thanks Cross-Cultural Biz for giving our students such wonderful and fun
Mandarin lessons. They truly enjoy your classes.”
~Elena Ho, Principal of Trinity Montessori School

“I had the opportunity to take a series of public speaking workshops Kathy offered. I was amazed by how much I got out of these sessions. Kathy not only identified my weaknesses, gave professional and insightful training and guidance, but also dramatically enhanced my confidence. Following theses sessions, my colleagues and friends all recognize the difference and are surprised by the improvement in my public speaking and communication skills in general. Kathy is a real master! I highly recommend!”

– Dr. Changting x, Assistant Professor of University of Saskatchewan






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Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving, published by Nelson Education Ltd.

Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving, published by Nelson Education Ltd.

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