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Jia-Jones, Kathy Keyi. Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Solving. Toronto: Nelson Education Ltd. 2012.

    • Key concepts
    • Narratives and individual experiences
    • Canadian and International perspectives
    • Case studies
    • Critical thinking activities and cultural awareness tests
    • Resources

Published Articles and Blogs written by Kathy Keyi Jia-Jones (formerly known as Kathy Keyi Jia), available on this website

“Building Cross-Cultural Competence– Originally published in Financial Post (for Executive HR–HR Insight), July 28, 2010; this is an updated and shortened version.

The article was included in the employee guideline of Chatham County government, North Carolina, USA

“You Can Speak English Well” – 创业周刊 Canada Career Weekly (A Chinese-language Canadian newspaper), April 10, 2014

“Ten Tips to Help Internationally Educated Professionals Improve Public Speaking Skills”–H R Professional Magazine, July/August, 2012

“Terry Fox, Betty Fox, and Isadore Sharp”–see Blog page

“From Tiger Mother’s Battle to Immigrant Integration” for Human Resources Professional Association–see Blog page

Chinese Business Etiquette 101 (Part One)” – Asianwave. September/October 2004

The first of a two-part series outlining the important information that you need to know about doing business in China.

Thanks Grandma” – A touching and personal story about Kathy’s role model and a part of history in China that is seldom known to the West. This is an updated version.

“Love in Bei Da Huang (Great Northern Wilderness) – Celebrating My Parents’ Diamond Anniversary” –祝贺父母结婚60周年-奇缘北大荒,悠悠龙江情/,  Life Daily, a nationwide Chinese publication, Nov. 3, 2019

“Tiger and Tigress”  About Kathy’s guardian tigress and Year of the Tiger

Her Other Publications:

Jia K. Y.  “It’s the Year of the Tiger – Happy Chinese New Year”. The Liberal. Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010

Jia K. Y.  “Chinese Business Etiquette 101” (two part series). Asianwave. September/October 2004

Jia K. Y.  “A Wonderful Journey into History”. Canadian Children’s Literature. Vol 26:2, Issue 98, Summer 2000

Jia K. Y.  “Unforgettable Ghosts”. Canadian Children’s Literature. Vol 22; 3, Issue 83, Fall 1996

Jia-Jones K. Y. “Special Family Gathering for the Celebration of the Year of the Horse”. Ming Bao (Ming newspaper), Feb. 24, 2014, in Chinese


Jia-Jones K. Y. “Qui est là ? – Shéi Zài Nà Li? Album jeunesse illustré (Édition bilingue Français – Chinois simplifié) by Dominique Curtiss, Muriel Gestin. Children’s book in Mandarin. Jan. 13 2018


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